Missionaries from Gerlingen: Wilhelm Maisch

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Impressions of China

The Moilim mission

The Moilim mission

The Kutsuk mission

Kutsuk, the missions house

The Honyen mission

Honyen, interior view of the chapel

Honyen, hospital

Honyen, entry of the hospital

Honyen, house of the doctor

The Fopin mission

The Chonglok mission, the chapel

The Chonglok mission

Hongkong about 1917

The Hoshuka mission

A group of people in Hongkong

Hongkong, christening party of the Lohss family

Hongkong, baptism

A group of people in Honyen

Hosuwan, presbytery

Chonnon, solemnity of evangelists

Khongwo, sermon

Khongwo, baptism

Khongwo, people to be baptized

Wintse, people to be baptized

Junon, school of administration

Junon, teachers of the school of administration

Pagan school in Wongsin Lyungwo

Hongkong, sunday school at Baseler house

The Wun Lin sui family

Honyen, assistants of the station

Honyen, clergyman's family

The Tshin a tshin family





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