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Grüne Woche April 25, 2007:

A Whiff of Africa in Gerlingen/Germany

Bazar in Rebmann House invites for Bargaining and Amazement

(jo) Gerlingen's Rebmann Foundation arranged a extensive program for this year. Last Sunday Ms. Elli Mettang presented in Missionary's Room arts and crafts from Ghana.

Ms. Gerda Buchheister from Gerlingen's Town Museum and Ms. Elli Mettang were still busy with unpacking and decorating - and the first visitors came already. Since approx. six years Elli Mettang sells arts and crafts from Ghana. The skilled educationalist is married to a Ghanaian. - "At least once a year we are there in Africa. Then we travel overland and visit the villages and small towns to buy first hand from the craftspersons," says Elli Mettang.

She quitted her "old job" about six years ago; to be able to import arts and crafts from Africa she had to founded ad hoc a company. She named it "adepa" which means in old common knowledge in Ghana as much as "a good thing speaks for itself": With this company she and her family support craftspersons, especially in agrarian areas - which were to see in a small photo exhibition in Missionary's room. 

She sells the products of craftspersons from this african country mainly in "One-World-Shops". And that means: Elli Mettang and her company from Notzingen near Kirchheim/Teck in Germany is indebted to  "fair trade". In Gerlingen there was a multitude of small artwork to see: From straw baskets, carvings, jewellery to toys like the very old board-game Mancali, known also as "Kalahari". Also traditional music instruments, necklaces, glass pearls from recycling glass and of course wonderful animal and human beings monuments in a very special, artistic way and from naturally material.

Photo Hempel: Elli Mettang presented a Bazar with African arts and crafts in the Missionary's room - in the context of this year's event program of Gerlingen's Rebmann Foundation.

A successful start in remembrance of Gerlingen's missionary Johannes Zimmermann, who established in this time already contact to the area, today's Ghana. And these contacts still endure. A successful start also for organizer and exhibitor - short after the beginning there were so many visitors that it was nearly not possible to pass. The other events of Rebmann Foundation should have at least nearly as good response: The program continues on May 10th at 7.30pm in Gerlingen's parish center Petrushof with a speech of Mr. Marcel Bauer, topic "Early films and photos of Herrenhut missionaries and from catholic monasteries" as well as on July 7th from 10am to 2pm with a workshop for children, subject "Everyday life in Africa". There will be cooked, drapery will be printed, and the children learn in games about their contemporaries in Africa.

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