Missionaries from Gerlingen: Wilhelm Maisch

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Impressions of China

Wilhelm Maisch 1904

Wilhelm Maisch 1923

The Mandarin family

Junon, Mr. Suis and his son

Five generations

Great-grandmother with her granddaughters

Grandfather and grandchild Lyungwo

Farmer in traditional costume with fan

The Mandarin Lyn

Honyen, on the beach

Travelling, having dinner

Travelling, on the boat/dinshey

Travelling, Wilhelm Maisch on horseback

Travelling, on the oass Shuglai

Travelling, bed in the station on the outside

Travelling, the family in chairs

Travelling, children in a laplo

Travelling, by the river Lyng sou li my

Hongkong, look at the docks from the Baseler house

The chinese New Year, New Year Music

The chinese New Year, Phoenix the dragon

The chinese New Year, boy with the New Year costume

Wedding, christian bride Kutsuk

Wedding, christian bride En Lyam

Wedding in Tuthen, bride chair

Wedding in Tuthen, wedding party

Hosuwan, furneral service

Hosuwan, musicians at the furneral

Hosuwan, furneral ceremony at the grave

Hosuwan, mission lodgings

Hosuwan, interior view of the chapel

Hosuwan, chapel

Hosuwan, school

Hosuwan, front of the mission's lodgings

Hosuwan, back of the mission's lodgings

Hosuwan, non-residential outbuildings to the lodgings of the catechist


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